Google's GMail
GMail's new support for IMAP prompted me to start using it again as my primary email client for my personal email. As you might recall, I stopped using GMail about a year ago because of the lack of a proper import and threading issues. The former issue was solved by IMAP, while the latter issue resolved itself through the natural evolution of my email habits (not having enough time to read email messages means that I am on less mailing lists than before).

So far I am happy. Switching from Thunderbird (an email client I associate with work) to GMail somehow spurred me to reduce the size of my inbox from 450 messages to 12.[1] I am vaguely afraid that I will wake up one day and all of my email will have been deleted (to give you an idea of the scope of my email archives, the oldest messages I have are from the year 2000), so I am trying to keep as much of it backed up as possible.

[1] This means that I did not have to declare email bankruptcy! GMail - it's like refinancing your inbox.