The Cingular 8525.
I spent a substantial part of the summer obsessing about mobile phones. While I have learned a lot of superficial information about them (at the beginning of the summer, I wanted to buy a smartphone, and did entirely too much research on which one to buy), I am not entirely happy with the purchase that I did make.

While my 8525 is an amazing piece of hardware (especially once I figured out how to use the camera correctly), I cannot stand the software. Everything about Windows Mobile reminds me of why I am not running Windows on my computer: a lack of configuration options in its built-in programs (especially Outlook Mobile, where most of the options are not appearing because I have not spent money on an Exchange server), the necessity to edit the registry in order to get rid of annoyances, and weird behavior (turning off randomly, refusing to check email until I reflash the device, etc.).

If you do admire devices that run Windows Mobile (God bless you), and live in the Boston area, you can make my loss your gain. For $300, you can own my 8525. It comes with a charger, a 2 GB micro SD card, a screen protector (currently attached) Sprite Backup 6, and your choice of Windows Mobile 5 or Windows Mobile 6.