Windows Live Search suggests that searches for Martey Dodoo might want 'Marty Dodo' instead.Google knows that people searching for 'Marty Dodoo' want Martey, instead.
I am sympathetic to the fact that some people have trouble pronouncing my name; it is not particularly easy. While I am always surprised when people get it right on the first try, mispronunciation of my name is not a cardinal sin.

Unless you are contacting me electronically. If you are sending an message to an email address that ends in, that should be a clue that the person you are trying to contact is not named Marty Dodo. If you are writing a response to something written on this website, a simple glance at the header or or the page's title should be sufficient to assure you that my last name is not correctly capitalized as DoDoo. Since I have been in elementary school, this DoDoo thing has flabbergasted me. I would be able to understand it if my name was Macdoo or something with a prefix that is normally capitalized, but as it stands, it annoys me to an irrational extent (right now, I am suppressing an urge to punch the DoDoo appearing on my laptop's screen), as if the perpetrators are miscapitalizing on purpose, instead of out of ignorance.