A few minutes ago, I was looking at the main page of Wikipedia. When I saw that today's featured article was about Sealand, a micronation near to my heart, I thought about writing about it, especially in light of this extremely short but intriguing London Times article.

Then I looked across the page and saw that Chad declared war on Sudan a few days ago. Or rather, the Chadian government declared that a state of war existed between it and Sudan, because of alleged Sudanese support for Chadian rebels.

Since declarations of war are generally big deals, I was surprised that I had not heard anything about it. After reading some of the sources linked in the Wikipedia article, I headed over to the New York Times. While there was a recent article about Sudanese refugees in Cairo (a story which Ethan Zuckerman wrote about in late October). The latest article on the New York Times' Chad page is more than a week old, and focuses on the rebel attack that caused the declaration of war. To the Times, the conflict does not exist. BBC News Online is only slightly better; their lead Africa article is about Chadian President Idriss Deby's latest comments.

I suspect that other American news sources will have similar blind spots toward Chad, especially since the majority of the sources in Wikipedia are foreign.