Two zebra in Harvard Square.
Team Zebra's website describes their goals succintly:

TEAM ZEBRA seeks to bring two zebra to Harvard Square to raise money for hurricane / earthquake survivors and triumph in a challenge that will raise even more money for the cause.

My first thought was "This is the most ridiculous idea that I have ever heard." But it gets better - the group of seven Harvard seniors has made a bet with a mysterious figure called "The Contender." If they manage to bring two zebra before next Monday, the Contender will buy them a boat (which will be sold for charity). If they fail, the Contender will be given two pies.

It might be the fact that I know all seven members of Team Zebra, but I really want them to succeed. The fact that their goal is sort of ludicrous[1] and that they have a ridiculously short deadline does not seem to be dissuading them from attempting to rent 2 zebra. I like the fact that they seem to be creating an incredibly detailed chronicle of their adventures, which even includes video.
[1] I guess they could have made their lives harder by creating "Team Elephant" or "Team Polar Bear" though. "Team Quagga" would just be ridiculous.