FoxIE is an Internet Explorer plugin that attempts to make the Microsoft-made browser easier to use by making it act more like Mozilla Firefox. While this seems like nothing more than a shameless attempt to capitalize on Firefox's popularity, David Tenser notes that the "FoxIE team's"[1] online donation system is a bit sketchy:

However, the worst thing can be found on the Getting Involved page. There, they're asking you to donate to the "Mozilla Project", with a link that leads to donation for the Foxie Project. That's just insane.

Update: They've updated the Getting Involved now and it no longer refers to the "Mozilla Project". Instead, they have a PayPal button with the following information below it:

Clicking on the button above will initiate a monthly donation to the Mozilla Foundation.

Interestingly enough, the page seems to have been updated once again, now claiming that the donation will go to "Team FoxIE."

The website's schizophrenic design is probably the result of FoxIE's infringement of Mozilla trademarks, rather than their childish desire to emulate Mozilla. The Mozilla donation page looks almost completely the same as its FoxIE dopplegänger. Perhaps if the anonymous developers behind this project spent more time making a worthwhile application instead of trying to rid on Firefox's coattails, they would have more success.

[1]Expect them to change to the "FoxIE Foundation" soon, followed by the creation of the for-profit "FoxIE Corporation."