Dreamhost Promo Code Table
Dreamhost, my new webhost, seems a bit strange compared to the other hosts I have been involved with. Their feature set is different than other webhosts. Not only do all of their plans come with ssh access, but they also include Jabber instant messenging. When you add ample amounts of space and bandwidth (which increase weekly, sort of like GMail), it becomes clear than Dreamhost is an already compelling hosting company.

They also have an incredibly configurable rewards system for referring new customers their way. Among the choices that you can make is the ability to create your own promotional codes. I originally set up a $50 discount, but decided I could do better than that. So, if you sign up at Dreamhost and enter the promo code MARTEYMAX, you'll get a ridiculous discount. Refer to the table at the right for more details.

As far I know, this is the best Dreamhost promo code on the Internet. The discounts come directly out of the "reward" received for referring new customers, which is the reason why they are not quite as high as the maximum discount listed. If you have any questions, just leave a comment below.