Among the links I came acrosswhile reading about iTunes and COM was a post by Sahil Malik, complaining about the lack of a sleep feature in iTunes similar to that on the iPod. The sleep feature on the iPod saves battery life by turning the player off if no music is playing and the buttons have not been touched for a period of time. I assumed that Mr. Malik wanted iTunes to stop playing music after a specified period of time, as specified in one of the comments on the post.
SleepTunes user interface
As you can see from the right, the interface is relatively simple. After the amount of time you specify in the dialog elaspes, SleepTunes pauses iTunes. While SleepTunes is counting down, you can see how much time is left by hovering over its icon in the notification tray.

System Requirements

SleepTunes was written in C# and made with SharpDevelop. It is licensed under the GPL.

Download SleepTune.