an AIM conversation
(02:38:04) Me: actually, it's trying to get a internet connection so I < -- at this point I was disconnected
...disconnected immediately after attempting to send...
(02:49:41) Me: did you get the message I sent ten min ago?
...disconnected immediately after attempting to send...

I get intermittent connectivity, as long as it is clear out (the slightest hint of rain, and no luck). Some days are better than others. I am able to keep up with email (there was one day earlier this week where I was able to stay connected just long enough to display all of my messages, but not long enough to read any of them), but am hopelessly behind on news. Activities that need a stable internet connection, like hacking on Gregarius or working on the Dunster House website, have come to a complete standstill. I will try to post, but do not expect the normal voluminous output for at least the next two weeks.

On the positive side, I have been spending more time reading than I probably would otherwise be. I am also hoping that I can put in substantial work on an editor for ITL files (to fix the problem I discussed here).