Restricted Airspace around Washington DC.
If I worked in the Capitol, or if I had a pilot's license, I think I would be really annoyed right now. The fact that the mere sight of a private plane in the restricted airspace surrounding Washington DC is enough to prompt evacuations seems a bit ridiculous. The most recent "scare" involved Georgian Scott Murwin, who is not exactly a novice pilot:

Murwin is certified as a commercial pilot and a flight instructor. He is licensed to fly single- or multi-engine planes, as well as seaplanes, records from the Federal Aviation Administration show.

Obviously, if even experienced pilots could find themselves within restricted airspace by the mere accident of attempting to avoid a storm, we should be doing something to make feedback about such instrusions more accessible to pilots; I assume that the lasers are not working. One possible solution is to require that every plane that flies near the restricted airspace be outfitted with some sort of GPS system that would create a visual or aural alert if the plane entered the restricted zone. Congressmen would not have to worry about having their debates interrupted, pilots would not have to worry about losing their licenses over an accident, and I would not worry about dodging flaming Cessnas (which sounds like a highly potent alcoholic drink which would be a hazard of a completely different nature).