If you read my previous post about boycotting the RIAA, you may have been confused by the music formats that the clip of "Let's Push Things Forward" was available in. I am sure that you recognized MP3, but what the hell is OGG? Since I now understand I am horrible at explaining technical issues (I like to think that I am better in person, but then I can see when you are getting confused), I am going to refer you to Stephen Garrity's post on the topic, "The Catch-22 of Open Format Adoption, Part 1: Music." The rest of this post is not going to make sense unless you have read that, regardless of whether you understand the difference between Vorbis and Theora. If you are still confused, write a comment and I will try to explain further.

So, now then. Unlike Garrity, you may note that I chose the third option, "publishing two versions, one in MP3 and one in Ogg Vorbis." From my standpoint, this was simple. Since I was using the open-source Audacity as an audio editor, Ogg Vorbis files are actually the default. To encode in MP3, I "stole" the LAME encoder included in CDex. From the reader's standpoint, it is also simple. If the computer you are using supports Ogg Vorbis, you can use it. Otherwise, the MP3 link is there for you.

How does this help Ogg Vorbis? Consider this snippet from a LinuxJournal interview with Dr. Ari Jaaksi, about the Nokia 770:

LJ: Given the proclivities of the Linux community, it has to be asked: will Ogg Vorbis and Ogg Theora be supported on the 770?

AJ: There's nothing technical that prevents it. However, the 770 is a consumer device. The challenge is that there is not much [Ogg Vorbis and Ogg Theora] content right now.