Intersession is a weird time at Harvard. Unlike the normal amount of activity that characterizes student life here, there is nothing important (at least, nothing important in the academic sense) that needs to be done. As a result, I am trying to get various other stuff done.

The modified CSS for this blog's theme is still a bit strange. I am currently only having problems with the sidebar (and its relationship with the footer), but it is enough to bother me. I still have the old design's CSS (I remember fixing this problem relatively quickly), so it should be fixed sometime relatively soon (hopefully sometime this week). It would be quicker, but right now, I never want to see another cascading stylesheet again.

The Track Reviews RSS feed for is still broken. I had thought I had fixed the problem preventing it from accessing the latest reviews before (when I added it to the script which manages the automatic running of all of the Pitchfork feeds), but apparently failed. I think that the sole remaining problem (failing to invoke chmod on the Perl script) has been fixed, and the feed seems to have updated itself (as of approximately 2.5 hours before this post, I think), so just comment below if anything seems not to be working.

As I as writing this post, I am listening to two tracks from Tarkio, Colin Meloy's old band, that I downloaded from Teaching Indie Kids to Dance. I am hoping to post lyrics for "Eva Luna" and "Sister Nebraska" soon; expect something later this week.