The Arcade Fire - Funeral
As I become exposed to more music, I become increasingly certain that one's personal experiences determine what type of music one likes. If I had not grown up in Willingboro, an almost stereotypical example of the American suburb, I think the fact that four of the tracks on The Arcade Fire's album Funeral contain the word "Neighborhood" would ring somewhat hollow. If the PATS program there had not given me a decent grounding in Greek mythology, I probably would not like "Wake Up" at all. And if I could drive, would "In the Backseat" have any cachet?

While it is true that "Rebellion (Lies)" is an amazing song, the album as a whole is okay. It is more than just "decent," but I would not feel comfortable pulling a Natalie Portman (à la Garden State) and claiming that it would "change your life." I think this album's role is more confirmation than change. In a way, one can see that on the album's lyrics page, which is nice, but constructed entirely in Flash.