Only two months behind its original schedule, a beta version of Wirehog has arrived. Taking a leaf out of Google's book, the beta is invite-only. Based on my experiences with Gmail and Orkut, this means I will not get invited for several months, by which time everyone and their dog will have an account.

The Wirehog website states that the program contains "no spyware, adware or anything else bad." Zuckerberg's comments in The Crimson suggest this may not always be the case:

Zuckerberg said advertisements on would pay for Wirehog. He said Wirehog would likely feature some sort of advertising in the future but will remain ad-free for now.

Well, one could always just not upgrade to an ad-supported version, right? From Wirehog's privacy policy:
Wirehog has the ability to automatically update itself by receiving new code from us as we release it. We use private key encryption to ensure that all updates come directly from Wirehog and are not tampered with by a third party.