The Crimson reports on a proposal by the Harvard Republican Club (HRC) to sway from the national party platform by not supporting the Federal Marriage Amendment. Could this be the beginning of a wave of moderation? It put me in mind of this Weekly Standard article, which I mentioned in July:

With undergraduates much less radically inclined than they once were, such Dartmouth Review-type rabble-rousing could easily ghettoize conservative students. For example: Harvard's conservative journal, the Salient, has become notorious in recent years for publishing fairly strident articles on homosexuality. On a campus where "organization kids" predominate, there's no quicker way for a right-wing publication to make itself peripheral to student life.

But the proposal does not seem like the beginning of a more moderate HRC; instead, it attempts to compromise between the club's conservative and moderate members by not taking a stance on the issue.
�The club should not risk alienating a substantial portion of its membership by taking a stand either for or against the FMA,� Barro and Lewis wrote in their proposal, which they sent in an e-mail to the GOP open-list on Monday.

Interestingly enough, the Harvard Republican Blog has nothing to say on the issue.