Since the entire idea of writing online is producing your own content, blog plagiarism would seem a bit moronic. As any reader of Chilling Effects could tell you, this is not the case. I was reading a post on Weblog Tools Collection about a person offering to install WordPress blogs for others for free. It sounded like something I remembered reading a few weeks ago on another blog, maybe Photo Matt (although I think that post regarded a webhost offering free WordPress blogs). It seemed relatively mundane until I saw the redaction and the comment by Podz below.

Podz stated that the post by "Webmaster Mike" Atlan was contains text orginally found in a post on his own blog written yesterday. His story seems believable; Mike's blog seems very rough around the edges; the post in question is the only one that does not immediately seem like a test post. Podz' post also contains a hyperlink to the WordPress server requirements that Mike's post seems to be missing.

If the text was copied on purpose, one must wonder what Mike was thinking. His WordPress installation (which still includes the default layout and the default user name of "site admin") does not exactly inspire confidence in his abilities to install WordPress blogs on a vast variety of servers. Also, Podz' thoughts on the impossibility of going to sleep with uncovered feet are, in my opinion, far more interesting than his offer to install WordPress.

I am hoping that Mike (who has another blog, running Nucleus, with actual content) had no malicious intent. Perhaps he happened to copy some text randomly and post it. Or maybe he planned to take Podz up on his offer of technical support. I do not know, but for Mike's sake, I hope he has an explanation.

UPDATE: Mike responds; what was left of my faith in the human race is restored.