The lack of blogging this weekend was caused by my decision to reformat and reinstall Gentoo (and not by fears of litigation) after gxine and mplayer gave up the ghost. Except for the massive amount of time it took, the only casualties were my "dot files" (which scp did not copy), which included all of my browser preferences (cookies, cache, bookmarks, RSS feeds, etc.). Luckily, my most important stuff (e-mail archives, music) was stored in regular folders, and was saved.

The convenience of having all of my information stored in one folder will simplify backup, I imagine. I am thinking about investing in a nice Firewire hard drive. Of course, I also need a MP3 player, so it would be great if I could find a gadget that could function as both. Still, one of my requirements for a portable music player is that it can play OGG. Also, I do not have any money.

It would be interesting to see if I could get money by charging spam commenters. Since the incidence of spam comments on this blog is relatively low, I would probably have to set up a MovableType blog to increase throughput (although that would probably qualify as a "commercial use"), and charge a hefty fee. This weekend was unusual for having three spam comments, all redirecting to If I had charged $100 per comment, I could have already bought a 40 Gb iPod.

This opportunity is too good to pass up. For now on, all unsolicited comments explicitly or implicitly advertising another website will be subject to a $100 fee, to be paid to me, Martey Dodoo.