My little sister is complaining that I am spending too much time blogging and not enough talking to her, but after *almost* blogging about the same back-to-school girl appearing on both Dell and Gateway's website, I could not pass this up. I was reading Adam Penenberg's latest Wired article when I came across a link to Technorati's "Politics" site. Penenberg has this to say:

One problem with Technorati's coverage of political blogs is the interface: It's nearly impossible to make sense of all the information hurtling at you -- some of it good, some bad, much of it ugly. Under three categories -- Liberal, Conservative and Convention Bloggers -- are "heds" and "deks" like: "Inside the Convention Hall" by Mathew Gross, "Reval Firms Make Presentations from Westport Now", "Ten Recurring Economic Fallacies" from Ken Hagler's Radio Weblog and "Ted Kennedy Drink Watch: Not Drunk Yet" courtesy of Wonkette.
I think the screenshot speaks for itself. One must ask, will Instapundit also appear in the liberal column?

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