After I went down to the laundry room and manually checked the status of my laundry (if any MacGrey representatives read this, Harvard could really do with some LaundryView), I went to the mailroom to while away three minutes. I felt somewhat apprensive to see that April's Atlantic had arrived (alas, I have not finished reading March's issue!).

The cover article, entitled "The Case Against Perfection" looked interesting. Besides, it was written by Michael Sandel (everybody knows we Harvard types stick together). Seriously though, I look forward to reading his defense against genetic engineering.

However, after returning to the laundry room, I was depressed to see that in the case of my laundry, perfection still remains out of my grasp. This in turn reminded me of my French homework for today's class (this is from a sketch from Coluche, a French comic). OMO is a bleach. This is supposed to be a conversation between Coluche and "Monsieur OMO":

- Le nouvel OMO, est ce qu'il lave plus blanc que l'ancien OMO?
-Heu, il lave plus blanc le nouvel OMO !
- Mais l'ancien OMO alors, il lave moins blanc alors ?
-Non ! L'ancien OMO il lave blanc!