I saw this Netcraft article about humorous solutions to SCO's DDoS problem a few days ago. At the time, I thought the third solution (with its idea of SCO "slashdotting Slashdot" and its nuclear solution to "the problem in Redmond."

But the most creative part was that of the "New, previously unknown Linux Thought Leader" who arises in the aftermath of the crisis. While showering this morning, I thought about this idea.

While the idea of a new leader springing up "ex machina" is completely compatible with the open source community, I think the position of "Linux Thought Leader" is already taken. For most people, Linus is Linux.

Note how I said "Linux," and not "GNU/Linux" as some people would prefer. Linus (or Comrade Torvalds, if you prefer) holds an unrivaled position in the open source world. If Linux conquers the desktop, becoming the premier operating system, Linus will become more famous (although not as rich) as Bill Gates.