As you have probably already noticed, I cannot fall asleep. I was checking my old Hotmail account. The sole non-commercial email was about UBoat, the first computer game I ever programmed (not including a HyperStudio game called "Dungeon of Doom" I made in middle school). I had forgotten that the site still existed.

Upon playing the game (which does work in Windows XP, despite the claims of the person who sent the email), I was surprised at the amateurishness of it. Back then, I did not have Photoshop, only MSPaint, so all the pictures are really ugly. In Windows XP, with my semi-modern processor, the timer used in the program is too fast, causing the "periscope view" in the program to flicker.

The most important fact is that the game is not fun if you play it for more than about five minutes. I would go play Hamster Bash, another game I made (which was only meant to be played for five minutes), but I am wondering whether I should go to bed. Hmm.