This morning, after I woke up, I cleaned up several pieces of rubber (from a mousepad) from my desk and several pieces of plastic (from a CD case) from my floor. When I am angry at myself, I tend destroy small things (last year it was mostly pencils) that I own. I am not sure whether it is a release (for all that frustration and anger pent up inside of me) or self-punishment; when I was a little child, I would always start crying afterwards, when I realize what I destroyed could not be put back together.

I am not sure what to do about this "habit" (It always seemed to me that a habit was some behavior that annoyed other people, like tapping your feet or leaving your toenails around the house; since everything I destroy is mine and small, nobody really notices), or even if I want to do anything. It seems to be cheaper (I mean "socially cheaper") than both destroying large metal things and destroying small plastic things that I do not own.