This blog post from the Clark Community Network talks about this Boston Globe article which makes (you guessed it) predictions for 2004. The first question is about the Democratic primaries and their effect on the general election. While the article states that Kuttner believes that Dean will win, only to lose to Bush, the Clark Community Network poster claims that there was a correction in the Globe, and that Kuttner expects a Clark-Gephardt ticket will beat Bush (I could not find such a correction, and neither the Globe article or the American Prospect website, where Kuttner is editor, have been changed).

Personally, I have never liked Gephardt (repeated failed presidental bids turn me off). More importantly (since my personal whims do not determine vice presidental selection), I think it is important to consider the necessity of ensuring that Dean does not bolt the party and run as an Independent, a move which would split the Democratic vote and ensure that Bush wins. As I wrote in an earlier entry, Clark should choose Dean as his vice-presidental candidate.

I am not sure whether Dean would accept being vice president, though. If he does attempt to run on his own, it will be interesting to see how many of his supporters stay with him.