Part of the reason that it has been so quiet around here is because I have been rewriting the website from scratch. For the last four years, I have been using WordPress to run this blog. While the rapid pace of development and community of users have been great (I think the only other piece of software that I have consistently used for such a long period of time is Firefox), I have increasingly found myself dissatisfied with it.

One of my major concerns right now is server resources. My slice only has 256 MB of RAM, but is running email, my MySQL databases, and this website. Occasionally, I try to access it only to find that it has run out of memory and is inaccessible. I am not certain that this is the result of WordPress, but I have tried to control every other variable (changing my Apache configuration, etc.) with limited success. Either way, my future development plans do not currently include working with PHP, and WordPress was the last PHP application running on my server.

Writing a weblog from scratch means that some of the features that were available in WordPress are no longer present. Among the changes:

Although Wired is reporting on the impending demise of the personal website, I am bucking the trend, I guess.