Detail from the Drillbit Taylor movie poster.
Drillbit Taylor is a story of a group of high school freshmen who hire the title character (a homeless ex-soldier played by Owen Wilson) to protect them from the local bully. Since they are naïve freshmen, they believe Taylor's ridiculous claims about being discharged for "unauthorized heroism" and being able to use a silver serving platter as body armor.

One would be forgotten for passing on this film after having viewing the absolutely atrocious trailer (the in-theater previews were much worse) and the lackluster reviews. But Drillbit Taylor is a Seth Rogen / Judd Apatow movie, which gives it its sole redeeming factor.

Like other films made by the duo, Drillbit Taylor is about humans' ability to change for the better. In the film, perhaps as in real life, this begins with wanting to change. At a time when 4 out of 5 Americans are seriously worried about the country's direction, a film about hope would probably fare much better than another comedy with physical humor. America needs the Three Musketeers, not the Three Stooges.