Closeup of part of an advertisement for a web design company / online art project that I found somewhere in Manhattan at 3 in the morning.
Spending last weekend visiting friends in New York City has (temporarily?) made me far more materialistic than I normally am. In addition to trying to take shrewder control of my finances, I am trying to focus primarily on tasks that directly benefit me, as opposed to all of those other things that seem like good ideas at the time but soon become yet another tiresome task that I have no interest in completing. I am not sure whether this change was simply caused by leaving Boston, the fact that everything in Manhattan is more expensive (but also fancier), or even the music videos that I have been watching lately (Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C [via]).

Either way, in between these new inclinations and the job, I will probably only be writing about one post a week here (about the same throughput as the past couple of weeks). Live with it.