The United States Postal Service's new 'forever stamp.'
When I heard about the Postal Service's new "forever stamp" - which retains the value of a first-class stamp regardless of USPS rate increases, I was excited. I expected it to have some kind of futuristic design in keeping with its radical concept. Like an infinity symbol, or an ouroboros, or a picture of a stamp with a picture of a stamp in it (and so, ad infinitum).

Needless to say, I was disappointed to see that the first iteration has a simple illustration of the Liberty Bell (see right). From the press release:

If it could ring, it would resonate freedom and independence from using one or two-cent stamps to mail letters when stamp prices change in the future.

Using similar rationale, any of a number of American symbols (all of which "resonate freedom and independence") could have been used on this stamp, from the American flag to a Minuteman to a Liberty Tree (made famous during the Stamp Act protests, ironically).

Still, it is difficult for me to feel much annoyance at the design of the stamp when the concept is such a good one. I always have one or two stamps left over whenever a price hike takes effect, which then moulder in a drawer somewhere. Plus, I like the permanence of the word "forever."