Ethan Zuckerman writes on a oddity from a press release: based on almost 50,000 website submitted to Stop Badware, almost 20% were hosted by iPowerWeb. Both Zuckerman and suggest that iPowerWeb might be suffering from security issues allowing hackers to inject malicious code into their customers' websites. StopBadware's co-director John Palfrey stated:

This list of web hosting companies, pulled from our database of sites that are infected with badware, shows some companies that host a large number of sites that may suffer from unaddressed security issues. These security flaws mean that webmasters who use these hosting services may be more at risk of their sites being hacked.

If iPowerWeb knows about any such issues, they do not seem interested in letting their customers know; their official blog is too busy trying to convince you to use them over other discount web hosting companies:
PowerWeb is a wonderful hosting company with years of industry experience and hundreds of thousands of customers to prove it. We take great pride in what we do at iPowerWeb and try to make the lives and businesses of all our customers much easier.

Meanwhile, other websites have noticed iPowerWeb's security issues: