A fishing boat and a young girl. Taken in a Ghanaian fishing village.
Last week, after I returned from Ghana, I assumed that I would upload most of the many pictures I had taken in-country to this website. Now, I am not so sure. There are four reasons why:

  1. Malaise - there are Other Things which I should be doing besides uploading and organizing photos. These include replying to email, writing PHP code, and similar typing activities. Unfortunately, there is something about the cruelest month that makes me feel allergic to writing.

  2. Interest - this was not the typical tourism trip, so I do not have pictures of Elmina Castle or anything like that. All of my pictures are of the relatives I came to visit, the villages they live in, or what I happened to catch out the window of the car.

  3. Privacy - Even if you are interested in seeing what my extended family looks like, they are not interested in you seeing them. I am pretty sure that some of the people in my pictures do not want their pictures on the Internet.[1] This is something I can relate with - you may have noticed that my face is conspicuously absent from all photographs on this website. While I could just put up the photos I took of clouds or of the Atlantic, I think that would be a waste of everyone's time.

  4. Current Events - whenever someone who has not seen me since I left comes and asks me how Ghana was, the agressive part of me feels like blowing up at them. It has been a week since I got back. A lot has happened since then. While I might mention the trip from time to time, I do not like feeling like I owe my readers entries about what happened. Traveling is always a confusing experience for me, and this trip was not an exception. It is difficult enough to try and make sense of the day's news without being forced to dwell on the confusion of the past.

[1] I got this feeling based on something about the way they said, "Don't put this on the Internet."