A close-up of the Liverpool FC flag.
In the wake of what must be the world's least funniest April Fools joke, I have returned from my trip to Ghana. Expect multiple posts (and some pictures) from the trip, assuming that I get organized and actually construct coherent, non-rambling pieces of writing from my notes.

The picture at the left (or above, if you are lacking CSS styling) is a bit of detail from my one souvenir from the trip (assuming you do not include the money I failed to spend while in foreign climes) - a Liverpool FC flag which I bought in Heathrow. Despite the fact that all my relatives in Ghana could talk about was Chelsea versus Valencia, I must confess to having a soft spot for Liverpool.

This is almost entirely due to Pink Floyd's song "Fearless," which ends with Liverpool fans singing the team's anthem "You'll Never Walk Alone." While I generally do not like Pink Floyd's more "progressive" songs, I am a fan of "Fearless," because it appeared on a mix CD I received as a Christmas gift freshman year of college (just as my musical tastes were becoming fully formed and mature). Maybe I am a sucker for crowds singing, or my feelings about the gift's giver have become conflated with my feelings about the song. Either way, I like it.

More importantly, more content about my trip in the next posts.