The Swiss flag.
Lately, I have been experiencing synchronicity related to countries. For a while in February, it seems like everywhere I went, people were talking about Australia. An op-ed in the New York Times about the accidental Swiss invasion of Lichtenstein was the beginning of a similar occurrence with Switzerland. Suddenly, I was stumbling across stories about Swiss topics almost every day. Did you know there is an enormous nuclear shelter in the Sonnenberg Tunnel?

There were even, it is rumoured, plans for a post office, until someone asked the obvious question "when the world outside is burning, who would you write to? What would the address be, not to mention who would deliver your letter?"

Or that Swiss intelligence agents, operating in cooperation with foreign governments, organized a secret army in order to disrupt a potential Soviet occupation?
While responding to a question in Parliament concerning the assassination of Herbert Alboth (related to the discovery of P-26), National counsellor Remo Gysin has described the relations between the Swiss stay-behind, MI6 and NATO as "notorious".

Like other stay-behind organizations in Europe, P-26 had weapons caches in Switzerland, while some of its members took paramilitary and guerrilla warfare training courses with the MI6 in Great Britain. Foreign instructors also followed courses in Switzerland with P-26.

What about the fact that Switzerland was conquered by Napoleon? Or that synchronicity was coined by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung?