Part of the reason that I have not written anything lately is that I have been busy rolling my own CMS (long story; no time to send you the NDA) - when you are worried about how to best code a blogging system, you find that you even visiting your blog makes you feel guilty.[1]

Regardless, that part of my life is over (except for the bugs I have to iron out), so hopefully I will be able to post here more often. I had to pay taxes on my income from this website, so I feel an obligation to further monetize it by posting as often as possible. Also, a surprising number of people contacted me in the past couple of weeks, which made me worry that my last post was too depressing (although this did not cause me to move it down beneath the fold by writing about something else).[2]
[1] I worry that I may have been visiting this site in hopes that I had (subconsciously?) posted something new. This would be ridiculous -- I am subscribed to this site's feed -- I do not have to visit it to figure out if something new has been posted.

[2] Although an alternative explanation could be my general anti-socialism in favor of staying at home and LAMPin' it up.