I have not been particularly happy with my blogging output in the past couple of weeks (December is half over, and only two posts?), but I have been busy with various projects, both in and out of my day job.

It is not going to get better, because I have sent my ThinkPad back to Lenovo. For the past month and a half or so (in my defense, it originally happened only occasionally), the fan has made a buzzing noise. As it grew louder and more persistent (to the point where I could hear it when listening to songs by Iron & Wine, and when people in meetings started complaining), I decided that I should probably get it fixed before some fatal overheating happened. Since pressing down on the left side of the laptop's palm rest or keyboard (both of which are above the fan assembly) changes the pitch and intensity of the noise, I suspect that the case may have flexed in some way, changing the internal aerodynamics (alternatively, my fan might just be dying - my computer is more than a year and a half old). Anyway, they received it on Friday morning, applied a physical fix, and mailed it out Friday afternoon. I expect it next week sometime.

So how am I writing this? I am using my work computer, a 17" PowerBook G4. I could write at length about the things I dislike about it, but if you have read other entries on this website, you know how I feel about Apple. Plus it would make the title a lie.

About the only good thing I have to say about it is that despite the fact that its keyboard is the same size as the one of the 12" PowerBook G4, it lends itself to fast typing (I might actually argue that it is better than the much-lauded ThinkPad keyboard, but I do not want you to think I am getting soft on Apple). If I were to replace OS X with Ubuntu, I think that it is possible that my productivity would actually increase. Maybe then the display would come back on every time the machine wakes from sleep (instead of just 50% of the time).