The Iranian President, writing on PAPER.
I do not know who designed President Ahmadinejad's blog, but they did not do a good job.

The Good Stuff

The Bad Stuff
Using Visual Studio .NET 7.1 and a table-based design to create the page. Speaking of which, the site should degrade gratefully if JavaScript is disabled.

'Add New Comment' spelled incorrectly.Spelling errors. While I can give the English translators some slack for their grammar errors, the spelling mistakes are reprehensible in the purported writing of a head of state, especially in our age of easy spellchecking. Also, if "tabel" is an element in your HTML, you are bound to run into problems.

No permalinks. Going to be hard to respond to entries, assuming that he keeps with it.

Refresh symbol.
Bad use of AJAX. If you expand a post and then collapse it, the little refresh symbol you see to the left spins for a couple of seconds, and then nothing happens.

An error page that is supposed to be a RSS Feed.
Worst implementation of RSS feeds ever.[1] If you are going to splash that orange and white icon all over your pages, maybe you should actually make sure that the feed is working.

[1] Yes, Albert, even worse than the Crimson.