On July 1, I decided that Windows was just not working for me. Yes, having a plethora of possible applications to install appealed to me, but I feel that no operating system has a monopoly of having things "just work." Here are just of a few of the annoyances I experienced while using Windows:

Now, whether I talk the issues I have with Windows or Linux, someone (normally in off-line conversation) remarks that I really would be better off using OS X, and that I would become so much happy if I just made my way over to the Apple Store and picked up a new iPod/Powerbook/Mac Mini/MacBook/Apple device du jour.

Thanks, but no thanks. Because of work, I have become acquainted with the workings of a 17" Powerbook G4. Here are some of the problems I have had:

And so on. OS X works wonderfully, except when I want to do something and it does not want to let me.

Simultaneously buoyed by Mark Pilgrim's successful transition (which reminded me of the Linux programs I missed) and concerned over the recent revelations surrounding Microsoft's WGA (in Linux, nothing is un-uninstallable when you have root), I decided to back up all of my data (using DVDs, since my external hard drive is in Virginia) and install Ubuntu 6.06. Despite the fact that my wireless did not seem to be working initially (it was quickly fixed), I was still happy with it. It was nice to see my Thinkpad's hardware volume mixer integrated into the native volume systems - something that does not even occur in Windows.

Staying with Linux means that I do not have to worry about updating my system will contact some company's server in Washington. It means I do not have to put aside money to upgrade to the next version of the operating system in order to receive the latest security updates. It is security and freedom at the same time.

The fact that my favorite author, Cory Doctorow, is not only planning on making a similar switch (from OS X to Ubuntu), but is purchasing a Thinkpad as well is just icing on the cake.