ReverseIndexLookup is ReverseRecords, apparently. is a website that purports to let you track people by just a phone number, email address, or drivers' license. Despite the URL and title both referring to ReverseIndexLookup, all of the text and images on the page (as you can see on the left) refer to either ReverseRecords or "Reverse Records Finder." This part of their introductory text just made me shake my head:

Before the Internet, it was almost impossible to track down someone with just their phone number or email address. [emphasis mine]

Yeah, I remember back during the 1950s, people would give me email addresses, and I would be really confused. "How am I supposed to contact you," I would say, "email has not even been invented yet!"

Their testimonials page is just as good:

"I was trying to build an extension on my house, but I was getting threatened with lawsuits by the municipality. I did some research with your program, and I found out that I was completely in the clear! Thanks!"
Oren Owens, MD

You see, Mr. Owens looked up his municipality's phone number and email address, which caused him to realize that the threats were actually being sent by the unscrupulous operator of a website which claimed to find information on people by looking up their phone numbers or email addresses. Go figure!