Earlier this week, I modified the news feed I scrape from Pitchfork to include descriptions of articles. It worked for a day, and then broke when someone on the Pitchfork staff decided that paragraphs should be closed with <p> tags. As you can imagine, this seriously annoyed me, since it meant I had to tweak the code some more.

As a result, I have been keeping a close eye on the Pitchfork feeds. This morning, when I saw that the permalink structure had changed, I groaned and clicked through to the site, even though the feed seemed to be working correctly. While I liked the new fonts, my eyes were instantly drawn to the little orange icon on the left sidebar.

Yes, Pitchfork Media now has official RSS feeds. My scraped feeds are going to ride off into the sunset, so you probably want to direct your feed readers and aggregators to:See the comments section for more details.

At the time of print, none of the official feeds are valid because they are not actually XML, but broken XHTML pages. I am not entirely sure what is up with that (default error page, perhaps?), but I assume that the problem will be fixed soon. I am also not sure whether the new feeds have anything to do with the addition of I ♥ Squares to Pitchfork's footer, but I surmise that they might.