Ben White writes:

What I would like to see is one centralized index of all Harvard blogs. There are now enough places where Harvard students are getting their views out, but we're all scattered to the winds. We don't need more hosting services after this, but we do need a place to keep track of everyone regardless of what service we're using.

The last (and only, as far as I know) attempt to do something like this is Adam Roben's Planet Harvard (now defunct; Google cache). It will be really simple to hack an online RSS aggregator (like Gregarius or Planet Planet), manually add the most notable Harvard blogs, add an online form for other Harvard people to add themselves, and set up a page where one could view posts from multiple Harvard blogs on one website. I would do this now, except I have to study for final exams so I can graduate in 3 weeks.

The next version of Gregarius should have multi-user support, which would make this easier.