Sony Ericsson Z520a
CNet has a list of the SAR ratings from various cellphones. Interestingly enough, Motorola phones dominate the list of ten phones with the highest ratings. Since I have a Sony Ericsson Z520a (at right), I was interested in the levels of Sony Ericsson phones. Interestingly, the Z520a clocks in at 1.47, the highest level on the Sony Ericsson list. Considering that the 3 phones tied at ninth place on the top ten list had levels of 1.51, it is moderately worrisome.
Nokia 9300
Of course, there is always the chance that I will win Nokia's Cool Phone Sweepstakes, which would net me a Nokia 9300 and $70. The 9300 is not on the list of phones with the ten lowest ratings, but with a SAR level of 0.24, it should be.

Via Gizmodo.