Update: Matt Gline noted that UC stands for "Undergraduate Council," not "University Council." I feel suitably chastened.

The Undergraduate Council's website is not only ugly and outdated, it is horribly broken. In the latest in a long history of technical glitches, the online application for nominations for the Joseph R. Levenson Memorial Teaching Prize (awarded for "excellence in undergraduate teaching") failed to send nominations sent by students using Mozilla Firefox. Somehow, nobody on the UC's SAC[1] noticed this fact until after the prize was awarded. Strangely, although the nomination process has been reopended, the SAC did not decide to reconsider the award. While the nomination process had been reopened for another week, it is mainly pointless, since nobody who has been nominated now have any possible chance of receiving the award.

Steven Melendez hits the nail on the head with his venomous assault:

Any competent web designer tests a system using as many versions of as many browsers as possible, and this problem should have been detected long before the system went live. Congratulations to the winners and nominees; it is a shame that your achievements must be clouded by the UC's continued malfeasance.

While it is obvious the UC's lack of website maintenance is not malicious[2], it is clear that it has negative repercussions upon the College as a whole.

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[1] I wish I could hyperlink to a page explaining what the Student Advisory Committee actually does, but the UC Committees page returns a 404.

[2] For another example, look at the UC's supposed blog, abandoned after only one entry. I doubt that there is some kind of Luddite UC conspiracy, but I assume the UC members are too apathetic to care about their online presence. This is idiotic for a number of reasons, including the fact that it hurts both the current population's ability to commmunicate with their student government representatives and the ability for current UC members to leave a legacy for the future.