A confession: I actually look forward to seeing the movie Snakes on a Plane, but not just because of its title. The movie's premise[1] is so ridiculous that it cannot fail to be campy. I would not be surprised if Snakes on a Plane became some sort of cult classic.

Combine my anticipation with the fact that I visited three airports[2] in a 24-hour period last week, and you can imagine why I am tickled by Nootropic's attempts to contact airline customer service to see whether airline polices on transporting pets matched up with the knowledge of customer service representatives.

Delta:Dogs are allowed, and cats...only two pets are allowed per flight.
me:Only dogs and cats, no snakes?
Delta:Snakes? I'd have to check with customer service. [huh? Didn't I call customer service?] Do you ave a reservation with Delta?
me:No, I just want to check to see if I can bring my snakes.

[via Jack Yan]

[1] Not to mention its actors. Samuel L. Jackson! Kenan Thompson! In the same film!

[2] BOS, LGA, and IAD, in case you were wondering.