Back in late December, I became annoyed at the fact that a number of web-based aggregators that were looking for RSS feeds previously hosted at this site which I had deprecated through HTTP status codes 301 (Moved Permanently) and 410 (Gone). Most aggregators do not recognize these status codes (including Gregarius), so I set about emailing a bunch of people.

While I received a number of responses, the one from Rojo stood out the most. The customer support representative took almost a month to get back to me, but that was only because she had to contact the engineering team and wait for their response. Considering the discussion that I had with customer support from another company, who was one of the programmers of his company's aggregator but had never heard of HTTP status codes, I was just glad that I did not have to spend a significant amount of my time educating someone else on relatively basic web concepts.

So thank you, Rojo, for providing good customer support, even though I am technically not one of your customers.