Jason Scott, creator of a documentary on BBSes, recently wrote about the trouble he had with the web hosting company Midphase. If you are interested in the technical details, you can read his post. The more interesting part occurs in the comments, where Zak Boca, Midphase's owner, seems to be willing to apologize and reimburse Scott - but only if the post critical of Midphase is removed.

This seems even stranger when we consider the case of Ryan Duff, who had similar problems with Midphase's customer support back in November. Duff was also contacted by Boca about a refund, but does not seem to have been asked to remove his writings on Midphase. I am not sure what, if anything, has changed from November to January, or whether Scott's moderate amount of fame in the tech community[1] made Midphase more willing to suppress his viewpoint. Either way, I do not think I will ever be doing business with such a regressive company.

[1] He even has his own Wikipedia article.