Despite the fact that I was not on campus for virtually all of last week (being in Indiana for my older sister's wedding), I still experienced some of the hullabaloo that is the University Council Presidental campaign. Thus, Travis Kavulla's Crimson column, with its explanations of the reasons why it does not really matter who wins the election, was extremely welcome.

The council has failed because the things the UC can plausibly deliver (through advocacy or its own budget)—Harvard-Yale shuttles, burrito feeds in the library, a hokey state fair, or Springfest—are mere side-shows to everyday student life. And students realize that unless it's a professor saying the words, anyone who tells you they're going to reduce the price of coursepacks is lying. Likewise, I care about teaching fellow quality—a topic which is "advocacy ahoy!" for this gaggle of contenders—but can't imagine any of the candidates convincing Larry Summers to spend the millions of dollars required to improve it.