Last month, "drunkenbatman," the proprietor of DrunkenBlog (which has more to do with Apple than alcohol), held a roundtable discussion with several independent Apple developers at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago. db sent out a call for mirrors earlier this week. Since I like his snarky commentary on Apple, open source, and other technology issues,[1] and since I normally use less than 1% of my bandwidth quota, I applied to be a mirror. You can download both the video (575 MB) and audio (133 MB) here. For a more distributed experience, you can access Bittorrent downloads on the official downloads page. Both the video and audio are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial Sharealike License, which means you download from my site instead of from DrunkenBlog, and that you can remix it by combining it with other footage.

In film class today, my professor explained how film directors used the fact that the human eye is attracted toward movement to increase continuity between concurrent shots by starting an action at the end of one shot, and continuing it in another. Since this attribute stemmed from when humans were hunter-gatherers and detecting movement was a matter of life and death, he joked that luckily, there were no saber-toothed tigers in the film we were discussing, His Girl Friday. Since the film is in the public domain, I mused about finding another film with saber-toothed tigers, in order to prove him wrong by seamlessly adding prehistoric beasts to the rough-and-tumble newsroom environment of the film. The 1934 film Beyond Bengal looks like it might work, despite the fact it include modern tigers and not their prehistoric cousins.
[1] Did I just call Apple a "technology issue?" I guess I did...