Way back last December, I noted that there was no Harvard chapter of Free Culture, a national student organization working to affect change in copyright legislation, to expand fair use, and to help restore the common cultural pool that artists, writers, and other content creators can draw from.[1] A little less than a year later (better late than never?), I am proud to announce that such a chapter has been created. You can read the blog here or look at the minutes for the last two meetings on the wiki.

I really wish I could properly convey the enthusiasm I feel about this, but I am in Lamont Library right now. Here is an attempt, though: !!!!!!!!!!!!!

[1] This idea stems from the claim advocated by Lawrence Lessig that such a cultural pool (or creative commons) was previously an important part of the creative landscape, but is increasingly being marginalized by restrictive copyright legislation. You can read more about it in his book Free Culture.