Picture of a ticket to the Decemberists' October 10 concert in Boston.
Since I have been waiting for this concert since it was announced back in July, I had high expectations for this concert. For a long period of time (July to late September), I assumed that I would have to go to the concert alone, since most of my friends are not interested in indie music (hip-hop and bad 80s music exerts a sort of tyranny over college playlists, it seems). Those whom actually have musical taste (zing!) either had prior commitments or think Colin Meloy, the lead singer of the Decemberists, is insufferably whiny. Luckily, I found a number of sophomores who had been introduced to the band through Picaresque.

I was going to take my camera to take ill-lit shaky pictures, or a notepad to record a setlist, but I thought it would seem weird. I did not want to be That Guy, writing down notes frantically in the dark as the music played. Since I am not some sort of professional concert reviewer, I assumed that the sophomores would think I was incurably strange.

Regardless of social insecurity, I had fun. The music was great, and it was strange to find myself in a room full of fans of a band that most people I know have never heard of. Since I assumed that the Decemberists would have to be amazing in concert, I compiled a list of some of their songs that had occupied the lofty position of "Martey's Most Favored Song" at some point in the past. It appears below in approximate chronological order. Songs in bold were actually played during the concert.

I would say more about the concert, except that it is past 4am and I have class in about 6 hours.[2] Still, a post about music deserves a MP3 link.
[1] Were I to elucidate further on this topic, it would occur in a protected post.

[2] I did not intend to write this much, but I am finding that these 870 or so words are not enough. If this entry gets comments complaining that I am not making any sense, I might explain my feelings further.

I would like to note that I find the fact that they opened with all 5 parts of The Tain incredibly amazing.