Because I had a headache and took ibuprofen, which gave me a stomachache. I do not have class tomorrow, but I will probably only sleep in until 10 or so, since I have work to do.

In other news, I decided that I did not really need a specific plugin to protect posts, especially since if it broke for some reason (like upgrading to WordPress 1.6), it would expose the posts. Instead, I will simply use the "Post Password" feature integrated into WordPress and email the password to the people (or rather, person) who registered. Most future posts will still be accessible to all, but the majority of the ones in the Personal category will not be.

Since it's topical and an amazing song, I was going to put up a copy of Sufjan Stevens' "John Wayne Gacy Jr.," but I only have an AAC file of the song on my computer and I do not feel like transcoding or ripping a MP3 right now.