Screenshot of a Linux desktop.

(01:20:17) [redacted]: or do you just not use linux in real life but stump for it everywhere?

As I noted in my last entry, it is difficult for me to write about the day-to-day occurrences in my life. Simply put, this is not that kind of web log.

Still, I noticed today as I was attempting to tweak my Ubuntu installation that this website was my most important resource. Since the majority of my friends would be hard-pressed to explain what Linux was, much less help me with installing it, it is extremely difficult for me to ask them questions about it.

For example, today one of the people I work with asked me a question about graphics drivers and the IBM Thinkpad T43 (2668). If I ran with a more technically adept crowd, my response would probably be to forward said question to our secret email list, which would then get a response. Unfortunately, all of the secret email lists which I have the pleasure to be on do not have the knowledge to answer the (relatively) obscure question that I was asked.

I think this partially explains why I pursue the avenues of knowledge that I do - because I realize/assume that nobody else I know is doing so, and that at some point in the future, it might become important to know something, like the origin of Penn State's Nittany Lions, or the video games that Magikoopa (whom my friends call "Laxstick," because of the way he uses his magic wand in Mario Superstar Baseball) has appeared in.
It is worth noting that such random pieces of trivia are not why I am friends with such people - if anything, I like the fact that they question the origin of the Nittany Lions, or know what "cradling" is, or wonder how they can get better graphics acceleration in Ubuntu.