Instead of responding to my parents' query about my current condition, I just wrote about 500 words in my personal journal about yesterday's events and occurrences. I could just copy what I wrote into an email and sent it to them, but I believe that they expected my response to focus on academics and not the dream I had last night or the people I talked to during the day.

Similarly, I thought (momentarily) about copying all 473 words into an entry here, but quickly decided that was a bad idea (even if I did redact all of the names, it would be far too personal for a public website). This weekend, I will probably create a test WordPress installation and install the ViewLevel plugin to see how it works. I had thought about switching to something with a more dynamic user permission model (like Drupal, which I am going to have to learn anyway), but decided that was probably overkill. Thus a move is still possible, especially since I am not sure if the new user permissions in WordPress 1.6 will resolve the issue.